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10 Tips for Pulling a Film Crew Together

By: Richard Bailey So you want to be an independent filmmaker, but don’t yet have a film made. To do so, you need to find a production crew. This can be tricky for anyone, but it gets even trickier when you have a small budget or no budget at all. And just like no two films are the same, no two production crews are the same. So here are a few tricks and tips to go about finding and keeping a good production crew. 1. Create A Budget Okay, so this …

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Animated Video

You’ve probably noticed by now that most companies utilize some form of video in their marketing strategy. It’s an effective tool that engages modern audiences and easily allows companies to evaluate ROI. But what if you’ve got a limited budget or a time crunch? One of the simplest solutions is an animated video. Regardless of your marketing situation or video needs, there are a lot of advantages to using an animated video. Choosing animated video opens up a lot of options and offers increased flexibility when creating the ‘look’ to …

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